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I wanna talk about him.

If you've been subscribed since at least last year, you've probably heard of him before. He is the true test of wisdom and yes, I am wise. Wise enough to know the difference between good dick and love. Two very different concepts. If I had not known the difference, I would have been DONE FOR! Ruined! Obsessed!

He was the original "stallion", long before the artist. I often replay in my mind, the first time I saw him completely disrobed and I'd never seen ANYTHING so beautiful. He stood in front of a window in his living room, his body was a big flex, one weird, lean extended muscle . My mouth gaped open as the street lamp shown through the windows and shadowed his profile.

I don't know how I would've rebounded had he caught my expression. I'd felt his body before I actually saw it and it held up to my initial perception. *deep breathe* Jeezuz Christ! I gotta go. Gotta go stare at his pics now. Dammit!


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