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Tiny Desk

Usher’s performance on ‘Tiny Desk’ triggered me! BTW, the word is so exploited now that I hate using it but it’s soooo effective in this case. (Triggered)

His performance took me back to Atlanta. My jerk, ex, and I were cruising down Roswell Road. Back then, we listened to CDs and I suppose he must have bought a few new ones. He played Usher’s ‘Confessions’ CD back to back, at least 4 times. By the second time, I knew he was trying to break up with me. I sat there, looking dumb, avoiding his gaze. He’d met someone new. I could smell it on him. He had been acting way too confident lately. He should’ve been grateful to me. It was IIIIIIIII that got rid of his high-water khakis. It was IIIIII that introduced him to Kiehls. It was IIIIII that scrubbed his “bacne.” Good riddance, asshole!

SN: it was then I found out he’d been entering my home and scavenging. After Usher, he played ‘BDP Live in London’ which was a difficult album to find. And my own copy had miraculously disappeared but that wasn’t the time to argue. We arrived at Justin’s and ate in silence.


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