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I heard something magnificent.

When I arrived in WDC, approximately 30 years ago, was the first time I was "aware" of the homeless. If it existed in my small hometown, I knew nothing of it. I told my mother about it. She told me if someone appeared in need and asked for money, I should give it to them. In most cases, you're going to be in better position than them and it's none of your business how they use it if your intent is pure. I've never forgotten it.

Somewhere on social media, a woman told a similar story. She told a friend that she wouldn't dare finance a drug habit. When confronted with the opportunity to help a homeless man, she didn't. The friend asked her, "why?" She said 'he at one point had the ability to make just as money as me." Her friend asked her "what if that was GOD?" He repeated himself. She stared off, daze like. I suppose trying to digest all the possibilities. What if? WWJD, literally?


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