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I gots to chill.

The Whole Foods on P, NW (DC) entrance and exits are ramps. I attempted to exit behind a driver who couldn’t figure it out. He couldn’t figure out how to pay and leave. He beeped his horn and reversed slowly. I “rolled” down the window and told him, “ain’t no backing up, I have cars behind me.” We’re on a ramp! He goes “what am I supposed to do?” “Park it and go see what da fuck is wrong.” He did and I noticed he was older Black man. I looked for a mask to hide my face. That I thought how recognizable I was with green hair. I said to myself, I probably should’ve helped him. He probably needed help. He came out and he’s screams “YOURE A UNPLEASANT BITCH!” Huh? “YOURE A UNPLEASANT BITCH!”

I quickly took self-inventory. I was being an unpleasant bitch. Because I was in full “unpleasant bitch” mode, I tell him to “have a good day and move your shit.” It was a regretful decision. I was ashamed which is becoming an reoccurring theme.


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