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Oh, hey!

This may have been the longest I’ve gone without dropping a simple note. All of the sudden, I’m compelled to record this part of history or at least as it relates to me. I would like to pretend none of this is happening and maybe that’s what I’ve been attempting to do. I can’t depend upon my memory for this. I did a vlog. See insert. It’s just a piece of it.

Anywho, wow, evolution is tough. As humanity, HUMANITY, all of us, we’re fighting and attempting to survive sooooo many things. But my belief is that when we make it to the other side, we’ll be an evolved species. Not like X-Men 😂 but a more methodical in strategy, kinder, empathetic and smarter humanity andddddd we’ll be more aware of and careful of how we engage nature. We’ll be more respectful of it. Evolution is tough and inevitable.

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