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I needed it to be a corn dog stand.

I’ve taught myself a breathing technique to push myself through to the “other side” of trauma. On record for 2019, there has been 2 major incidents when it’s come in handy. Not just 2 incidents, I’d go as far as to say, 2 of the most wickedly traumatic  occurrences of MY LIFE. 

#1 having a wisdom tooth removed by a sadist. 

#2 being stuck in Denver Int’l, deranged out of my mind off edibles. 

Well, today is Groundshog Day. 

Let’s start with I missed my nonstop home from Nola cause I just haddddd to have a Po’boy. I ran up like a “Gump”, all like “did I just miss my flight?!!!” There’s something humbling about watching your flight pull off without you on it. I was rebooked for a flight that was delayed 2 times within a hour and was guaranteed to miss the connecting one.

By then, my nerves were gone! I was loosing my cool. While I had nothing on schedule for tomorrow, I could not phantom not getting home tonight. Everytime I approached the attendant’s desk I got shakier and shakier. I was bout to pop.  I went online to find a room because there was no way I was getting out tonight. There was a Radisson near the airport. 

FUCK NO! There is no fucking way I would’ve survived that room! NO FUCKING WAY!

I was left with purchasing a new ticket out right from a different airline. Almost 600 bones for an one way. 

I should arrive in Baltimore at midnight. I’m spent. I’m using my breathing technique but it’s a little slow to cure right now. There’s a hotdog stand across from me. If they have corn dogs, this will be a good sign. They didn’t.

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