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Vegas Nights

We agreed to meet in Vegas for a long weekend. He was already on the west coast and the flight from LA was bout an hour. He booked us at the Cosmo because I told him, "I loved the room with the Japanese soaking tub."

There was an unspoken covenant that we'd be open to whatever might possibly happen. I can't be for certain but I think lots happened. From what I can remember, the days were filled with decadent food and alcohol. I recall Butter cake from Mastro's and shots at the Chandelier bar. I have flashes of what seemed to be wreckless rumps but nothing toooo memorable. It wasn't until days later when I was back on home territory did something hit me. I called him hype from the recollection.

"Hey! Hey! Are you circumcised?!!!"

He refused to answer. He thought I was being silly. I probably was but I'm pretty sure I remembered a turtleneck.

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