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The Shining.

Stephen is hands down one of my top 3. I've read pieces within pieces within pieces within his HORROR passages that have brought me to tears. He's brilliant.

I've been listening to his "memoir" on Audible and it's driving me crazy. I am confident that I would have enjoyed the book more because his narration is setting off my ADD. I have about 3 hours left of it and I fully intend to complete it during my commutes.

Despite all of that, I heard a jewel that has reignited my fire. Stephen sold CARRIE to DoubleDay for a very measly advance. It was unexpected and he was grateful and it obviously changed his life BUT BUT BUT then Signet came along and put it into paperback... FIREWORKS!!!!

All the sudden his narration became clear to me and tolerable and the hairs on my arm stood up (it's happening now). What was hard for me to digest before came pouring in all at once. I was aware of things that I didn't realize I heard.

The lesson learned: the necessity of discipline and practice.

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