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the things I say outta my mouth

From 2009-2016, I authored a blog called, "The things that come outta my mouth." You'd have to know me to understand, I'm often more shocked and surprised about what I allow to leave my lips than the listener.

Today, if I still maintenanced that blog, I'd definitely have 2 new posts.

Entry 1:

"I'd do a nick, just to punch him in the face cause I know his bitch ass would press charges."

*nooooo, I wouldn't. LOL. Everyone knows, I've been clear, I'm never gonna go down (doing time) without a fight. And apparently, one of my personas is a pimp and uses words like "nick."

Entry 2:

Corey: Did you see how that guy looked at you? Like he knew you?

Me: Yeah, I saw. Didn't want to make eye contact so I just checked out the kids. Wanted to make sure they won't mine. The 90s were wild.

Corey: LLLLOL! Can I clock out?!

Below, actual entries from "The things I say outta my mouth."

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