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What she order? Fish Filet?

I used to work in Chevy Chase, an affluent neighborhood. Arguably but technically, considered NW DC. Occasionally for lunch, I'd walk to Whole Foods or Mei Wah. I stopped going to Whole Foods the day I saw a man using the serving tongues to peel off fried chicken skin and feed it to his baby. *That's another story.*

Wherever I chose to go, I had to cross a busy street called Willard. Willard had a huge crossing area which should have allowed me to cross safely. It was well signed so that cars should stop when pedestrians were present.

I'd spend 10 mins of my lunch hour attempting to cross. It was scary. Every passing car was a big :fuckkkkkkkkk youuuuuu. But but but, when a white woman from that "hood" went to cross, all it took was a flick of her wrist to the halt position to bring traffic to a stop.

I'd stand on that corner looking so silly watching these women with no fear and the utmost confidence skip along cloaked in a WW security blanket. I'd hurry close behind them slightly hidden by the cloak. I was envious knowing they were protected yet I was playing human FROGGER.

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