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Everything hurts.

Literally, everything. I, inadvertently went climbing yesterday. I'm away on a vision quest (minus the medicinal). I'm visiting a new place, Jim Thorpe, PA (outside of The Poconos). Of course, I wanted to explore maybe partake in an activity or two. The owner of the cabin I'm staying in, suggested some trail-hiking. Why not? I'm not in shape but I'm not outta shape...well mostly. Ok. Ok. Ok. I'm mostly outta shape. Like 80% outta shape.

So I head to the State Park to "walk" a trail. There was no walking involved. It was climbing which I was not skilled enough to be doing. But I'm soooo competitive and so "Capricorn-y" that all it took was for me to see a few people who I sized up and said to myself, "if they can do it, so can I."

About 25 or so minutes in, I want to turn around but I've climbed quite a bit and there are witnesses so I can't let anyone see me give up.

40 minutes in, I've taken 2 breaks and my abs are on fire and I can't control my breathing.

1 hour in, I want to scream for help and I'm realizing gel nail polish is not for me.

Soon after, I spot my first waterfall. I chat it up with a woman that tells me that once I reach the top, "it'll be worth it."

Bih, you don't know my life! I'm exhausted and I'm scared.

I make it to the top and it's mehhh. Rumor was once you got to the top there would be a walking trail to get down. Nope.

I had to climb down. It was twice as treacherous because it's mossy, wet and my knees are shot.

1 hr 40 mins in, I'm mostly sliding down the mountain and I'm taking every tree branch with me.

I make it to the bottom and I can barely walk.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some bananas, I anticipated charlie-horses.

The next day, my body is super sore! My knees are buckling and I'm hoping they won't cause a problem on the long drive home.

It was fun. It's always fun to push myself to the limits which is also, "Capricorn-y".

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