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Be a lil more gentler with one another sistas. I had a discussion with a young lady, a young mother. Imma bullet point df outta this talk, btw. I shared my desire to carry and mother a child. She thought it was odd to have a baby at "my age". She had no actual idea how old I am. She guessed the early half of my 30s. Ok, no but thanks. Her 23, mother of 2. I don't think there has been any point in my life where I was ready to be a parent until now. I'd even say, I've exercised just enough

restraint with a dollop of responsibleness to avoid it. Given, there's a 'stage of life' difference I still felt immensely judged about my life choices. I'm in top health, my fertility and finances are in order. (I hate that I felt the need to share that.)

I am single so I can see that maybe raising eyebrows but not from people who know me. I'm proud that I wasn't a 30 yr old grandma. I resisted defending my decision but found joy in knowing allllllll the lives I've lived and things I've done over the past decades while never having to consider a kindergartner.

SN: My body has matured over the last year where it's not recognizable to me. It is drastic. Things shifted, lengthened and dropped but I love it. I love my new, old body.

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