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I felt the need to clarify the #sideeye post. No disrespect to my mom but it's soooo true. Her housekeeping standards were so unrealistic! My chores were pretty common. Ya know, kitchen, dishes, my bedroom, living room and den. Evelyn, my single mother, worked late, 3p-11p.

Our schedules prevented us from seeing each other much, mostly the weekends when she wasn't trying to get overtime. She worked hard to provide for me and at minimum, I could show my appreciation by insuring our home was clean when she got off her shift.

I was a defiant child. I've never respected authority or have liked to be "bossed." My mom insisted the tables be Pledge'd everyday and I left uniformed lines in the carpet from the vacuum. Imagine a manicure football field. If she noticed anything undone, Mommy Dearest might wake me up out of my slumber to complete the job.

Out of spite and pure stubbornness, I occasionally pushed the vacuum to create the lines but not actually power it on. LOL It was my way of getting revenge.

Work ethic...she instilled that in me. Heavy. If I am ever half the woman she is...

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