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The way y’all play in Kenny Loggins’s face

Reducing him to Footloose.

Anyway, it’s been 2 months. I like the start off with stating the obvious. Still on a death rollercoaster. I’ve come to realize, it’s no coincidence that motherfuckas are passing. It’s the era. You reach a certain age, you live long enough to see things age and fade.

There’s an argument, maybe arguement is too aggressive of a word. But people often “debate” why folk morn celebs like we do. They’ll say “you didn’t know them”? “Why do you care enough to shed a tear?” These people are core memories. You remember the song that played when you lost your virginity. You hear that star hit that note from when that star hit that note. please read that again, slowlllllly It’s a contribution to your life! In some cases associated with the best of times. Physiologically, I’m connected to Al Jarreau. His art has comforted me for decades. I’m grateful to have had it and honor his legacy. This is a very random example but very ápropos. No one will ever get how “Moonlighting” cradled me or saw me through adolescent angst. I’ve exhausted myself. So much more I have to say but I’m going to take my bike out now before it rains.


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