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I'm too big for a Corolla.

But that shit got awesome gas mileage. I spent the last 24 hours all over Dallas, TX, it never left 'F'. And it drove like a go-cart (a good thing, fun) and had really good pick-up. I was killing 'George Bush' at 80 and didn't realize it until I glanced down at the speedometer. Felt like 60. On the downside, I hit my head every time I got in and out of that bitch. I'm only 5'9".

I was in Texas for a huge, professional opportunity that fell into my lap. The company flew me out to meet a panel and interview. 2 men, 1 woman. I mentioned to my sister that I wished the panel was all men. You may have noticed I have very feminist views but I'm acute enough to know certain environments breed competition amongst women.

She ended up not participating because she was sick. I will still have to speak with her if I advance in the process. It'll be an one on one. I prefer that.

Why? Why was I relieved? There's plenty of room out there for all of us, why did the thought of her give me anxiety?

*I know you guys normally don't comment but I'd love 'thoughts'.

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