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I've lived many lives.

When you want to whip his ass but you love him so you pull back a lil on the full power of your blows.

Girl says " I'm bout to do a drive-by." I giggle cause I know what that means. I ask her if his "bedroom is on the first floor?" and all the sudden I'm having flashbacks from past lives. *I discouraged her after a good laugh*

Try not to judge me. It's difficult to fully disclose but I enjoy it.

In my past lives, fisticuffs with grown men existed. I think they call that domestic violence. As, at most times, a mature adult, I'd never put myself nor anyone I love in that position again.

As a black woman, the burden is heavy. I've felt my job was to keep everyone in check ...anyone. I've felt I had to do everything, be everybody. (queue meme where black woman says " I'll do it myself.")

"Play your role." "Play your part." What role, what part? Every morning I wake up, I decide what that's gonna be.

SN: I'd like to share, eventually, how not having a 'father figure' (the traditional sense) in my adolescence plays part in how I operate and how I've formed my opinion of men, fairly or not.

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