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The burning city of Pompei

I recently hired a woman, who for all intents and purposes was overqualified, into a low level management role. Her previous employer shut down shop. We were speaking about her work history and comparing notes. She pulls out her wallet, “I wanna show you something.” It was a $10 Amazon gift card. Her old company gave out GCs when they went under. Understand that there is no money, no severance packages in these cases. I’m sure my face turned red. I was humiliated and insulted for her. BUT that’s how it is and how it goes. You never know until the last minute, by design. Can’t have you jumping ship before they are ready. In her case, they found out when the liquidators showed up.

I’ve made a career out of retail. Over 20 years in the game, managing people, processes and product. A lot of great times and great people. Also, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of transferable skills. ‘Brick and mortar’ was on a down slope way before the pandemic hit. It’s time to go, guys. It’s time to go. In my case, I’ve long overstayed my welcome If I were ever welcomed.

I’m thankful that I have a “job“ but not as “grateful” as they want me to be. At this point, I feel as if my employer owns my existence.

Planning my escape, my next move. Stay tuned.


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