I've had no prose for you.

I've had nothing. Nothing to give. Nothing to share. It's hard to explain. Let's try this simile, you know the one where you have a glass, half full or half empty? Imagine me as just "empty." I mean, it's just empty not necessarily anything wrong with it, just empty. That's me. It's easier to be this way right now. No-one has expectations for empty glasses.

Back into therapy, a woman therapist. We'll see how it goes. So far, so... OK. She asked me have much I spend on weed monthly. I was tickled. I told her, "not much." WHY SHE ALL IN MY POCKETS?!!!

'100 Strangers' is coming back. I need it. I need them.

Each morning, I count and record my blessings. It's helpful. Mike Tyson Mysteries is on HULU so I'll be sure to list that tomorrow.

You know what the first thing I recorded...

#1 Pussy still poppin!

After an intense night with my lover.