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I think this has been the longest I've gone without posting. Almost a month. Lots of things have been happening. (See inserted picture.) I've taken up roller-skating. It's been a frightening experience. Everytime I have skated, it's been like facing this newly acquired fear. This fear...I gained after I spilled out 3 times biking in Paris. *Did I share that story, I don't know.* So hopping in these skates reminds me of having no control.

If it weren't for my trusty backpack acting as padding, I would have probably busted my head then and again, today. fell twice. I didn't get hurt, just itchy as shit. Once in a fucking ditch and crossing the street later on. It's such an adrenaline rush but I'm scared to pieces of falling at the same time. As I roll, I try to calm my nerves, breathe. I've given myself 2 months to master it. 'It' is either the fear or the skill, I don't know.

So, let's talk about this skating, this distraction. Had to be real with myself, "why the new hobby?' It's a fuckin distraction!!! I'm distracting myself from greatness!!! I haven't written anything in 2 months! I've recognized a pattern in myself so time to course correct.

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