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the bracelet

When you can identify the reason, season or the lifetime amongst your friends or even strangers, it's amazing. Recognizing the "who's" , solidifies my belief that we're all connected and things happen as they should. My purpose is predetermined and I may spend my existence figuring it out but it's already out there. And maybe that's the definition of life..."figuring out the pieces." The interactions we have with one another form the shape and direction. I'm positive about this.

I met a man in which I immediately felt we shared the same energy. Let's call him J. The day I met J , he walked into my job, looking to redecorate his bathroom. This was out of my league but I'd seen him walk in and caught whiff of his aura.

It was a quick connection, quick comfort. It was J's birthday. He was excited about doing something nice for himself (the bathroom). We chatted, laughed. I already knew him, we'd done this before. It was all familiar, his hands, his laugh, the chunky bracelet he wore.

It was a month later! I answered the phone at work but I already knew it was for me. It was J. He says, "I'm looking for someone. I don't know her name." I go," I know who this is. J? It's me, Terrie."

Our relationship was not typical. I needed him so much at that point in my life, to shape, form, direct. That was 1997 but I'm forever appreciative for what he left me with.

Our infatuation dwindled and I began to date some "dud" who I have no memory of. When I decided to move to Georgia, I contacted J to say goodbye. He gave me the cap he was wearing. I still have it.

*Update: J is happy, married with children. We're FB friends :)

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