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Whittier/6/Piney Branch

Last year, I was driving down Piney Branch Road behind a car that hit a bicyclist.

I learned something about myself from that incident. I actually acknowledged something in myself. I had a moment of honesty.

The guy and his bike flew up on the hood of the car and rolled off. I pulled behind the accident and hopped out of the car before I even realized it. Somewhere in unsaddling the driver's seat, I locked the doors in one fluid motion. I remember thinking at the time, 'it was my duty as a human to ensure everyone was OK'.

I stood on that corner with my hands on my hips, pointing, demanding, bossing.

"First, are you OK?" "Hey, NO, you don't have the right to say that!" "You need an ambulance, well, I'm calling one anyway!"

"Police? Yes, I've just witnessed an accident. We need an ambulance. He said no but I say yes."

"Where are you located?"

" Ummmmm...6th & Piney Branch & Whittier".

"Which ones?"

"All of them."

"It can only be 2."

"But the signs literally read 'Whittier, Piney Branch and 6. Ok.Ok.Ok. Choose 2."

I've already knew I was bossy but it wasn't until then I knew that I was a control freak.

I saw an opportunity to interject myself, to make it about myself, take control of what was going on and manage it. And I guess somewhere, deep-down, it was a way of making myself important. A quick fix.

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