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The CitiOpen is changing.

Going alone has become a tradition. I would go as far as to say, 'I love this event.' They have twice the amount of alcohol vendors. Emirates is no longer a sponsor. They seemed to have changed shuttle companies. Those types of details make a difference to me. But to top that off, we had to pay for parking at the shuttle stop. I guess Geico is no longer a sponsor, as well. We used their employee parking for the last 5 years. For free.

Being in Chevy Chase makes me feel small. I've written about the privilege in these parts before.

I parked in the Bloomingdale's structure, $13. Could have been worse, I suppose.

A woman and I exited the structure together and headed to the forming line for the shuttle. We stood behind another woman. We chatted briefly about my seat cushion. I gave her the history. Then something happened. She became annoyed with the length of the line, the wait, and that there was only one shuttle present. She started to share her concerns with the woman in front of us before approaching the driver to explode. She seemed so calm engaging me but then all of the sudden ... 💣 

The White women were middle aged and dressed in similar taste. I stood there in ear shot as they shared commonalities. What happened? What type of energy was I emoting in my Erykah Badu tee and Marimekko Adidas. Soon their backs were to me as they discussed sharing an Uber. I disappeared. No longer visible to these women whom a second ago were my peers. My feelings were hurt. Then I remembered how Chevy Chase had treated me in the past. No love. No like or even acknowledgment.

I don't know if I'll attend next year.


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