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30 hrs

I heard this song for the first time in, probably, a year. 

This is when Kanye fraudulently kept shouting out 3000 when there was no peep of him on the track. 🙄 Anywho I disgress. The first time I left Georgia, I left abruptly, abandoning an active relationship with no fucks given.

I was settling into DC horribly and second guessing everything.

I get a call from a jail in Kennesaw. My abandoned CHILD has gotten arrested for... nothing important. 

I’mma short cut this a bit. 

Next thing I knew I was on 95. I knew how to access his money and had the key to his place. I was to bail him out but when I arrived he was already home being dramatic, carrying a bologna sandwich, he’d gotten the day before.🙄

This song reminds me of that time. I was in fast and out even faster. Did a quick condom count, and did my mourning in the car on the ride home.

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