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“Trust me, sir. You don’t want these organs and I’m wayyyy too lazy for ya lil ‘sex smuggling’ or wh

Spending time in the French Quarter, drawing inspiration from the beautiful people of New Orleans. 

I’ve been walking quite a bit, doing tourist-y shit. NOLA has never disappointed me. It can transform to be anything you need it to be. 

I ♥️ The Big Easy. 

I was deciding on dinner and said to myself “In the meantime, I’ll grab a cocktail.” The first bar I came upon, had a sign up ‘Hurricanes with 151.” Hell nah! I would have never made it back to my room. I took off with a trot like it was chasing me. Faster than when that Frenchman approached me in the Louvre and asked me if I was alone. 

My momma would KILL me if I let somebody kill me! Don’t got time for that! I got this book to write. I’m working on the ‘new classic.’

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